Cruises: passengers in Ligurian ports decreasing, Civitavecchia stable

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The overtaking of Naples

Returning to the Italian ranking, in second position is Naples which, according to the report, will reach 1.7 million passengers (in 2023 there were 1.65 million), equal to a growth of 3%; while ship calls will rise by 3.4% (to 461). Genoa, which in 2023 was behind Civitavecchia, will lose a position in 2024, falling to third place with -11.7% in terms of passengers (to 1.5 million) and -10.3% of ship calls (to 305).

Followed, in fourth place, by Palermo, which in 2024 should exceed, for the first time, one million passengers (+6.4%) with 245 calls; and Livorno which will mark +25.4% of cruise passengers handled (to 800 thousand) and +30.4% of ship calls (to 377). In absolute terms, the most significant variations should be recorded in three airports: one is Livorno and the others Cagliari and Messina, respectively +160 thousand, +150 thousand and +125 thousand passenger movements.

Ligurian ports with a minus sign

The three main Ligurian ports, however, all present in the top ten for 2024 (Savona in sixth and La Spezia in seventh place), will be united this year, according to the report, by a reduction in traffic (both passengers and calls) which could lead to the regional total falling just below the 3 million threshold.

Genoa has already been mentioned, but as far as Savona is concerned, passengers handled should have a drop of -18.8% (to 700 thousand) and landings should register -16.5% (to 142). La Spezia will total -8.5% of cruise passengers (to 650 thousand) and -7.1% of ship calls (to 170).

Regarding the minus signs of the Ligurian ports, according to sector experts, the repositioning of the fleets developed by the companies after the post-Covid recovery in 2021 and 2022 weighs on the situation.

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