A 3 billion euro bridge between Christmas and New Year

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Suitcases and trolleys ready for 8.5 million Italians but it could exceed 10 million that the 2 million undecided people will be won over by the sun and the favorable climate to treat themselves to a 4-day trip. A little trip but without overdoing it or exaggerating with crazy expenses: overall around 3 billion will be spent, a thousand euros per family. For the vast majority, the destination will be within the borders: this is the choice for 83% of travelers heading towards the Alps. Those who go abroad will mainly choose European destinations. This is what the Confcommercio Tourism Observatory reveals in collaboration with Swg. «The Italians, despite the uncertainty, do not give up on leaving during the Christmas holidays, albeit with attention to spending – comments Carlo Sangalli, president of Confcommercio -. A trend that confirms the liveliness of consumption in December which we hope will be a good omen for 2024 which promises to be a slowing economy.”

25% decided to treat themselves to the entire Christmas holiday with 3 or 4 nights away from home. Another 20% will stay for more than five nights to also celebrate New Year’s Eve. For everyone else, the long weekend will consist of a maximum 2-night break without leaving the region of residence. In comparison with 2022, the share of those who will still remain within the region of residence drops from 57% to 40%, while the number of holidaymakers who will go further, still remaining in Italy, rises from 36% to 44%. Furthermore, the share of those planning a trip across the border rises from 7% to 17%. Just over half of travelers will stay in tourist accommodation facilities, hotels and B&Bs while the others will opt for second homes or the hospitality of relatives and friends.

As for the destinations, a third will go to the mountains, another third will go to cities of art, villages and large cities while the sea will be chosen by another 21%. Among the most popular destinations are Lazio, Trentino Alto-Adige, Campania and Lombardy among the choices for Italy while, for abroad, France, Germany, England and Austria.

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