Bi-Rex, big data and robotics to innovate manufacturing

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«In the last year we have gone from around ten collaborators and doctorates to 30 people and in 2024 we plan to add another ten figures, tripling the workforce. In 2023 alone we invested 3 million in upgrading the pilot line, in addition to the 3 million invested in the last three years.” Taking stock is Stefano Cattorini, general director of Bi-Rex, a pilot structure among the eight Italian competence centers, created in 2018 to inject “Big data, Innovation & Research Excellence” into the manufacturing supply chains, a public-private consortium between 60 companies , of which 48 private companies. «And of these, 20 are suppliers of enabling technologies and solutions with which we are building tailor-made services for SMEs who turn to us with specific requests, as well as making use of collaborations with 25 other partners. It is on services that we are making the difference – he remarks – and I predict that by mid-2024 we will have already exhausted all the Mimit funding planned until October 2025. Given that the ministry has an unallocated budget and it is recognized that we work well, I am confident that more will arrive resources”.

The fourth call for industrial research and experimental development closed a few days ago by the Bologna Competence Center – in its new role as implementer of the Pnrr – received 7.4 million from Rome, the largest amount ever in the history of Bi -Rex, higher than the total of the three previous calls for 2019-2022 (5.4 million). The call will present 30 innovative ideas that will involve 80 entities including companies (60% small businesses) and research centers from all over Italy, including collaborative robotics, big data, ICT for processes, blockchain, smart products. «On the mission “From research to business” of the Pnrr we are recipients of 14 million – specifies Cattorini – divided into a first line of 9.3 million, of which 7.4 have just been announced, and a second line – an absolute novelty – of 4.8 million to provide state aid on the services and training that companies come to get from us, with an intensity of non-refundable aid ranging from 80% for SMEs to 50% for large companies.” Bi-Rex’s distinctive asset is the pilot line, which allows SMEs to test all possible 5.0 solutions, a complete production system including additive resin and composite printers, the exclusive 3D printer that produces printed circuit boards, mobile robots and collaborative, the dedicated 5G cell, the Data Center, the AI ​​verticals.

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