More spaces in Genoa for shipyards and yachts

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«The most important thing we are doing in Genoa is the new dam. With this, the city expands by 3 million square meters, 2 of which will remain water, while the other million will be filled with walkable surfaces. Which means that we will have an extra million square meters for new activities; and it is clear that an important portion of these new surfaces will be allocated to shipbuilding and ship repairs, without forgetting the pleasure sector”.

This was underlined yesterday by the mayor of Genoa and extraordinary commissioner for the dam, Marco Bucci, during the General States of the Genoese shipbuilding industry. And the mayor’s intervention was counterpointed by the approval of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

A dock for repairs

«We are waiting – said the deputy minister Edoardo Rixi – the 400 meter dock for naval construction which will be built with the seaward expansion of the Fincantieri factory in Sestri Ponente. And sooner or later, a basin of that size will also be needed for repairs. We need to understand if there will be space and a way, with the new breakwater, to build it, so that refitting work can also be carried out on the largest ships. Otherwise, when they go for repairs, Italy will be out of that market.”

A nation like Italy, added Rixi, «cannot think of having a future without naval repairs, especially in large ports and especially in places like Genoa. I believe that the country must return to talking about naval repairs in an organic way: it is one of the topics that will develop the most in the coming years; especially because there is an increase in fleets, which need to be maintained.”

According to Rixi, it is crucial to «bring these operations to Italy and to large spaces, especially in areas such as Genoa, which also has relevant know-how on a global level». The words of the commissioner and the deputy minister acquire particular weight, in the face of an industrial sector that shows significant numbers in Genoa.

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