Piaggio Aero on track for an EU hydrogen project

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Piaggio Aerospace is on track for a European project on the use of liquid hydrogen in airports. This is Alright2t (Airport-level demonstration of ground refueling of liquid hydrogen for aviation), four-year plan, financed with approximately 10 million euros by the EU Commission, to support more sustainable air mobility.

The main objective of the initiative is to develop safe systems and procedures for refueling aircraft preparing to use liquid hydrogen as fuel. The aim is to accelerate the decarbonisation of the sector, currently responsible for around 3% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Direct supply

Piaggio Aero’s contribution will concern, first of all, the drafting of technical specifications for direct refueling, taking into account the safety regulations in force. The procedures will then be tested through the installation, inside a fuselage of a P.180 Avanti, of a tank for liquid hydrogen and an interface for the refueling system.

More generally, the Alright2t project involves the carrying out of two test campaigns: one at Milan Malpensa airport for direct refueling (in which Piaggio Aero is involved), and the second – in a Parisian airport yet to be defined – with the replacement of a tank to be filled separately.

Team research

In addition to Piaggio, 20 other international partners are involved in the program, each with specific expertise in the aeronautical sector and in the production, distribution and use of liquid hydrogen.

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