Waste, the highest per capita cost in Italy in Liguria

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Liguria confirms itself as the region in which the cost of waste disposal is the highest in Italy. A record that has continued since 2018. According to the latest Ispra Urban Waste Report, the regional average of the total cost per capita for the year 2022 was 270.7 euros per inhabitant. Although it decreased by 4.5 euros per capita, the result is well above the national average of 192.3 euros. Tuscany follows with 243.7 euros (-12.3 euros per inhabitant compared to 2021), Lazio with 229.8 (-1.7 euros), Umbria with 226.9, Valle d’Aosta with 223 9 euros each. In the South, the region with the highest cost is, as in 2021, Campania with 214.4 euros per inhabitant (with a decrease of 5.6 euros). While the average in the North, of which Liguria is part, stood at 170.3 euros per capita in 2022.

With reference to the regional capitals, in 2022 the highest annual cost per capita was recorded in the city of Venice, with 404.4 euros per inhabitant, followed by Cagliari
with 296 euros from Perugia with 286 euros/inhabitant. In the North, in addition to Venice, the highest total cost per capita was observed in Genoa and Turin with, respectively, 283.9 euros per inhabitant (-8.1 compared to 2021) and 239.3 euros/inhabitant (-13 .4 compared to 2021).

The cost of treatment

The items that contribute to forming the overall cost are: collection and transport of the separated fractions (the main one), their treatment and disposal, collection, transport, treatment and recovery of undifferentiated urban waste.

It is precisely the item relating to the cost of treatment and disposal of urban waste that turns out to be the heaviest for Liguria, with a value of 43.4 euros per inhabitant, compared to 10.1 in Lombardy.

Municipal waste

The production of urban waste in Liguria stood at 814 thousand tonnes in 2022, down compared to 2021 (822 thousand tonnes), with separate collection reaching 57.7% (it was 55.2% in 2021) and a peak in the province of La Spezia (75.2%).

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