Marelli, Tecnomeccanica and Niche Fusina in the running for Crevalcore

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For the Marelli di Crevalcore affair “we are at the last mile” say several sources. Tomorrow will be the decisive day at Mimit, the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, where the top management of the company will meet – since 2019 united with Calsonic Kansei and part of the American Group KKR – the unions and the Emilia Romagna Region which in these weeks he acted as a collector of proposals and as a guarantor.

Two companies are favored to take over the plant specialized in the processing of aluminum components for the automotive sector. The first is Tecnomeccanica, a foundry concentrated in the production of precision die-cast aluminum components for the automotive sector, in the province of Novara; the second reality is Niche Fusina Rolled, a multinational part of the American Dada Group, also owned by Invitalia, with a factory just outside Venice. The industrial plan and employment implications will determine which of the two proposals will prevail.

Due diligence

The Marelli plant in Crevalcore has 230 workers including workers and office workers and two production lines, the one relating to plastic components will be transferred to the Bari plant, the other will be sold to future ownership. The phase of due diligence it began on November 6th and was carried out with the utmost confidentiality to ensure that the negotiations could proceed smoothly. Unions and institutions have obtained, in black and white, that the industrial proposals have the potential objective of absorbing 150 workers. For the rest, transfer paths to other sites will be activated (with incentives), voluntary redundancy options and active placement initiatives at other locations.

This is also the result of the work carried out by Viale Aldo Moro who immediately took on the role of super partes guarantor of serious and fair negotiations and who committed himself to guaranteeing his availability to support reindustrialization with all the regulatory and financial tools available to the Region of the site, having understood that specialization and diversification in aluminum processing would bring added value to the entire motor valley involved in the conversion to electric. And while it reassured workers and unions, the Region also monitored Marelli, to ensure concrete economic support in accompanying the transition to new ownership as well as the redeployment of redundant workers. Aspects that will be addressed tomorrow in Rome, at the Mimit table.

The role of the Emilia-Romagna Region

For its part, the Bonaccini Council confirms that it is ready to put law 14/14 into play for the attraction of investments, the funds for energy efficiency, those for research, all tools already in the region’s toolbox, available as soon as the operation is completed. And there is talk of over twenty million investments at stake in the 65 thousand m2 of the Bolognese plant, always maintained and operational, capable of broadening the spectrum of activities without interruptions but which has paid for the decline in production volumes of orders in the automotive sector, including Stellantis , accumulating losses of around 15 million since 2020, with a negative result expected for 2023 of -15%. The challenge for the new ownership will be to consolidate and relaunch the historic production center of Bologna, with the variable on the possible reconversion of existing production.

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