Healthcare, home emergency, roads and Olympics Here are the dossiers for 2024

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Here are the “hot” dossiers of Lombardy. They range from healthcare, a thorny problem for years, to the future Winter Olympics of 2026, passing through public housing and public transport services. 2024 is a crucial year for many projects. To name the main ones, the construction sites of many works established by the Pnrr will have to be opened, to avoid not reaching the 2026 date set by the EU in time; many doctors and nurses will have to be hired, who are difficult to find; the Region, together with the cities, should also provide an answer to the housing problem of many citizens who are waiting to have a council house, while 25 thousand homes are empty because they are currently unusable or in need of renovation.

The issue of healthcare personnel

If Lombardy has many public and private excellences, it certainly has to face two problems, common to all regions but which are felt more here: the absence of professionals and a territorial healthcare network that needs to be rebuilt. The reasons for these gaps are historical and physiological: the political choices that have followed one another over time have favored concentration in large hospital centres, but the pandemic, above all, has highlighted the need to have widespread centers for daily emergencies, not only for the most serious clinical cases. Furthermore, the absence of healthcare personnel is more evident in the most populous area of ​​Italy, where almost 11 million citizens live.

The Lombardy Region has begun to open tenders for 1,200 doctors to be employed mainly in emergency rooms. Hiring and therefore assignments will arrive in approximately six months. Added to this, however, is the now structural shortage of nurses, to which we cannot find an answer. In Lombardy alone, 15 thousand are missing. The Region should find an active policy to find them or train new ones.

As for community houses, the Pnrr foresees 187, the Region would like to reach 199 (and for now over one hundred have been built). There would be 66 community hospitals (of which more than half have been built), but with the aim of reaching 71. The plans are going well, but here too the central issue remains: who will work on it? For now the doctors are “rotating” alternating shifts, but it is not a permanent solution.

The empty accommodation

A great priority, throughout Lombardy but especially in Milan, is public housing. There are 25 thousand empty public homes, which should be renovated and made available to families on the waiting list.

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