Zanetti new president of Confitarma

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Mario Zanetti is the new president of Confitarma. He was unanimously elected by the confederation’s assembly, which also appointed its team made up of vice-presidents Mariella Amoretti, Cesare d’Amico, Guido Grimaldi and Lorenzo Matacena. Zanetti and the vice presidents will take office from 1 January 2024.

In the meantime, Mariella Amoretti will be president, pro tempore, who chaired the assembly, and thanked past president Mario Mattioli for the work done over the years. She then underlined that the new president’s work “will be very demanding, given the great challenges awaiting the sector”.

The association unites 70% of the Italian fleet

The shipowners’ association, Amoretti recalled, «represents 70% of the national flag fleet as well as those of associated foreign flags, a fleet diversified in all strategic sectors for the national industry, fundamental for the supply of energy products of the country, for the mobility of people, in the sector of leisure and auxiliary services”.

Zanetti, for his part, underlined that he was «particularly excited to take on this role and to work with the team of vice presidents and the entire structure of the association».

«We will protect common and specific interests»

Together, he added, «we will continue the path which has the objective of bringing the voice of national armament to all national and international forums, pursuing common interests without forgetting specific ones».

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