«You can only grow if you manage to improve the offer for the most demanding visitors»

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«Tourism in Campania will continue to grow. But not all territories will have the same results. We estimate an increase in added value of between 20 and 30% only where we are working on the quality of the tourist offer. This will not be the case where operators continue to leverage only prices.” Forecasts that contain a clear message to the world of tourism businesses, those expressed by the regional councilor for Tourism, Felice Casucci.

Directed to the Region. The Tourism Councilor, Felice Casucci

In short, there will be areas with large turnout numbers
and others who will continue to eke out a living?

It will be more or less like this. We have the most sought after destinations, such as the Sorrento peninsula, the Amalfi peninsula, the islands, Naples, the internal areas that are working on the quality of the offer and services that will continue to be successful.

What are the others?
Ischia for example, where apart from exceptions, we continue to leverage only prices, not understanding that we need to change. This doesn’t pay.

Change, how?
We know that Campania is increasingly becoming a destination for millennials. Those in their thirties have different needs from those over sixty who have visited us so far. Millennials book later, even if this involves higher costs, they are attentive to the environment, they need connection, they do not prefer a relaxing holiday by the pool, but an experiential one and one of relationships.

He also asks for infrastructure, transport, healthcare (structures that are not always adequate). In short,
he is a demanding tourist…

We try to cope. This year, for example, we expect a lot from the launch of Salerno airport. Not only that, we will do everything possible to avoid alternate license plates on the coast: by strengthening the Circumvesuviana line and establishing limited traffic areas.

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