Work, over 500 thousand hirings in January (but half of the profiles cannot be found)

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In January the “mismatch” between job supply and demand affects 250 thousand hirings of the 508 thousand scheduled (49.2%), above all due to the lack of candidates (31.1%), followed by inadequate preparation (14.3%) and other reasons (3, 8%). This is highlighted by the Excelsior Information System Bulletin, created by Unioncamere and Anpal. From the “book” of professions, it is difficult to find specialists in the life sciences on the market (91.4% of pharmacists, biologists and other profiles belonging to this professional group are difficult to find), followed by workers operating machinery in the textile and clothing industry (72.8%), foundries, welders, metal carpentry assemblers (72.6%), specialized workers assigned to finishing constructions (71.8%) and production process management technicians of goods and services (70.6%).

They lead services to people

As mentioned, over half a million workers were sought by companies in the month and around 1.4 million for the first quarter of the year. Over 4 thousand more hirings compared to January 2023 (+0.9%) and +69 thousand hirings (+5.3%) taking the entire quarter as a reference. Driving the demand for work are human services which plan 70 thousand hires in January (+10.0% compared to January 2023). This is followed by trade (68 thousand units; +13.7% on an annual basis) and construction (51 thousand units; +1.8%). However, the expected trend of tourism and manufacturing industry businesses in January is negative (-12.1% and -2.3% respectively compared to the previous year).

Forecasts in the industrial sector

In January the industry as a whole is planning 172 thousand hires (-1.1% on an annual basis), 121 thousand of which in manufacturing industries and public utilities, while the other 51 thousand concern the construction sector. The services plan to hire a total of 336 thousand workers (+2.0% on an annual basis). In general, it is small (10-49 employees) and medium-sized enterprises (50-249 employees) that expect hiring growth trends for January (+3,300 and +3,800 respectively compared to January 2023). The forecast for large companies with over 250 employees is also positive (+1,900 hires), while micro-businesses in the 1-9 employee range expect a decline of around -4,500 hires compared to the same period in 2023.

Temporary contracts are the most proposed

Fixed-term contracts are confirmed as the most proposed form with around 206 thousand units, equal to 40.5% of the total, although they are down compared to a year ago, when they represented 41.3% of the total. On the other hand, i permanent contracts which goes from 122 thousand in January 2023 to the current 129 thousand (+7 thousand; +5.7%). With reference to education levels, 19% of personnel searches are aimed at graduates (97 thousand units), 30% at diploma holders (155 thousand units) and 32% at those in possession of a professional qualification/diploma (163 thousand units ). Around 7 thousand requests for Its Academy graduates. For 18.1% of hirings (over 91 thousand), companies think they will preferentially turn to immigrant workers, especially in the sectors of operational services (30.8% of total revenue), logistics (29.1%), services accommodation, catering, tourism (24.4%), construction (21.0%) and the food, beverage and tobacco industries (20.6%).

Territorial distribution

The macro-divisions of the North-West and North-East are planning a greater number of hires (over 174 thousand and over 118 thousand respectively), followed by the Southern Regions (over 110 thousand) and the Center (around 105 thousand). The regional ranking of hirings includes, in order, Lombardy (around 123 thousand), Lazio (over 53 thousand), Veneto (over 48 thousand), Emilia-Romagna (around 48 thousand), Piedmont (over 38 thousand) and Campania (around 35 thousand).

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