«With Pnrr funds the new face of Padua»

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Do your fellow citizens understand this?
Now they are starting to understand it, but I want to tell them that the city in 2026 will be different, better, with the three tram lines we will be able to cover the whole city and for this reason it is worth putting up with some inconvenience today. Looking ahead, we will transport 20 million citizens a year more easily. Consider that we also have 71 thousand students who use public transport and need better traffic.

What will be the cost of the investment?
Around 530 million, the largest part of the Pnrr.

Considering the issue of traffic, it is true that there will be two new lines, but how will you manage them? Is the current budget sufficient?
We work with a company, Busitalia Veneto, 80% owned by Fs and 20% by the Municipality, which has a concession that will expire in two years and we will have to redo the tenders. The region, government and province have already intervened in the past to find resources. But it is clear that local transport must be supported at a national level. But we are confident and all in all quite calm. On the topic of the budget, there is another thing that worries me a lot.

The cost of employees, who are worth 4.3 million, and which we will obviously have to insure. But local finance must be supported. Throughout Italy the cut was 200 million, and we still don’t know what the repercussions will be in Padua. But we will certainly suffer damage too. In general, like all Municipalities, we see that there is a problem with the current part of the budget.

You mentioned the issue of the students. How will you solve the problem of housing shortages for them?
It is an important problem, which we are trying to solve with a plan to create 2 thousand more homes, entrusted to private individuals. It is a necessity, even looking at those who come here from outside Italy. Foreigners represent 12-13% of the total, but without accommodation they then return to their country.

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