Winter sales, slow start with -8% sales in the first week

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For the winter sales it was a slow, weak start. In this first week, discounted sales recorded an 8% drop compared to the first week of last year’s promotional campaign. This is what emerges from the first feedback that the Italian Fashion Federation (Confcommercio) has received from its members. In particular, 55% of companies joining Federmoda reported a drop in sales, compared to 24% who reported a stable trend, while 21% who recorded an increase in sales compared to 2023.

Federmoda’s wake-up call

The one arriving from Federmoda-Confcommercio is an indication to be considered not yet definitive on the phenomenon, taking into account that the sales are just starting and generally last around sixty days. But the data still represents a wake-up call that should not be underestimated.

Index pointed against bad weather and “pre-sales”

«Certainly some factors such as bad weather did not favor such a brilliant start to the sales. However, we are confident that, with the improvement of the climatic situation this weekend, expectations will be confirmed with an increase in customers”, comments the President of the Italian Fashion Federation-Confcommercio, Giulio Felloni, however pointing the finger at distortions on which to intervene and which, however, have a role in the lack of brilliance at the start of the sales: «The continuous “wild” discount campaigns throughout the year will have to be the subject of serious regulation».

Confimprese estimates

The Federmoda data closes the circle with respect to the first indications coming from the local retailers, as from the Confimprese research office which reports that in the first weekend of sales 70% of the companies report a negative trend equal to -5/-6% on the same period 2023 while 40% of the brands declare losses of between 11 and 20%. Around a fifth of retailers show sales aligned with those of 2023 while only 7% speak of a positive trend. Looking at the different product categories, clothing-accessories confirms the pre-sales forecast with -8.3%, while for other retail it is equal to -3.3%.

The Confimprese data also photograph, therefore, the continuation of a negative trend in fashion already reported in previous months, partly also due to promotions and discounts that now continue throughout the year. «Sales start slowly and perform below expectations. The different calendar, which concentrated the return of the holidays on Sunday, and the adverse weather conditions are among the main causes of the decline, which was felt especially in the historic centres” comments Mario Resca, president of Confimprese. As regards sales channels, this year shopping centers are the best performing channel: 70% of clothing-accessories companies say so and 63% of other retail. The average receipt also suffers: for one in two brands it is in line with that of the 2023 sales, up for a quarter and decreasing by almost 20%.

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