Wi-Fi 7 arrives, wireless ultra-broadband conquers homes and offices

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Wi-Fi 7 has officially arrived, which uses ultra-broadband to connect devices at home but also in corporate and industrial applications. There are multiple advantages including greater reliability in managing large volumes of data, high throughput and deterministic latency. The Wi-Fi Alliance has defined the technical requirements of the 802.11be standard and now at CES in Las Vegas all the main manufacturers of consumer electronics, hi-tech products and IoT are presenting devices that support the new standard, guaranteeing backward compatibility with previous ones standard.

Over 233 million devices are expected to be sold this year and 2.1 billion devices will be sold in 2028. Smartphones, PCs, tablets, routers and access points (AP) will be the first families of devices that will implement Wi-Fi 7 together with customer premise equipment (CPE) and augmented and virtual reality equipment that will continue to gain ground on the market. Wi-Fi certified 7 pushes the boundaries of today’s wireless connectivity, and the Wi-Fi certified™ logo helps ensure advanced features are consistently implemented to deliver high-quality user experiences. Among the suppliers of solutions that support the new protocol there are companies such as Broadcom, CommScope Ruckus Networks, Intel, MaxLinear, MediaTek and Qualcomm. They constitute the test bed for certification and are among the first Wi-Fi certified 7 devices.

What more does it offer?

The new standard introduces a number of advanced features including:
● 320 MHz channels available in countries such as Italy that make the 6 GHz band available to eliminate interference

● Ultra-wide Wi-Fi channels double the size of today’s widest channels to facilitate multigigabit device speeds and high throughput

● Multi-link operation (MLO): Allows devices to transmit and receive data simultaneously across multiple links for higher throughput, reduced latency, and improved reliability

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