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Veneto reconfirms itself as the champion of separate waste collection in Italy. With a rate of 76.2% the region is at the top of the special ranking, ahead of Sardinia (75.9%), Trentino-Alto Adige (74.7%), Emilia Romagna (74%), Lombardy (73. 2%). This is certified by the numbers contained in the 2023 edition of the Ispra Urban Waste Report, recently published, with the results relating to 2022.

The national average of separate waste collection in Italy in 2022 reached 65.2%, constantly growing in recent years: it was 64% in 2021, 63% in 2020, 61.3% in 2019. In this context, Veneto’s record has been uninterrupted for fifteen years: in fact, we have to go back to 2009 to find a different region at the top of the ranking. At the time it was Trentino Alto-Adige, with a share of 57.8%, with Veneto immediately second with 57.5%, and an Italian average of 33.6% (again according to Ispra data). Looking at the absolute numbers, a region prevails that has more inhabitants and a greater production of urban waste: Lombardy (with 9.9 million inhabitants) intercepted 3.4 out of 4.6 tonnes of separated waste in 2022, with an annual per capita quota of 340 kg. Followed by Emilia-Romagna (where 4.4 million people live) with 2.2 tonnes collected out of 2.8 and 469 kg per head from waste separation, and Veneto (4.8 million inhabitants) with 1.8 tonnes collected out of 2.3 produced and a per capita share of 364 kg per person.

Within this context, the waste separation rate achieved in 2022 by the province of Treviso stands out: 88.7%. Followed in order by Belluno (84.6%), Vicenza (78%), Padua (73.8%), Venice (72%), Verona (71.8%) and Rovigo (70.8%). In the Treviso area there are municipalities that reach very high peaks in separate waste collection: Cison di Valmarino (2,400 inhabitants) holds the record, having reported 94.06% in 2022, narrowly surpassing Maser (5 thousand inhabitants) which instead reached at 94.05%. And there are many centers with thresholds above 90%. In the ranking of Recycling Municipalities 2023, with which Legambiente rewards the centers that contain the production of waste to be sent for disposal within 75 kg per inhabitant per year – the so-called “waste free” municipalities – Veneto emerges with 169 centers out of the 629 total in Italy in 2022. Among these, which represent 30% of all Veneto municipalities, also towns with 30-50 thousand inhabitants such as Montebelluna, Conegliano, Castelfranco Veneto, Mira, Belluno and Treviso. The second region, at a distance, is Lombardy with 74 “waste free” municipalities.

Among the product fractions collected, the Ispra data highlight, Veneto follows the national trend, with the largest share (150 kg per year per inhabitant) represented by organic waste, followed by paper (59 kg) and glass (50 kg).

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