Waste, costs too high in Sicily: Anci appeals to the Antitrust

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In Sicily, separate waste collection is increasing and the costs for sending unsorted rubbish to landfill are growing dramatically. A paradox according to Anci Sicilia which has presented a substantial dossier on the subject in which various aspects of a sector perpetually poised between normality and emergency are explored in depth: the system is so fragile that it doesn’t take much to send it into overdrive.

In Sicily rates are double or triple compared to the rest of Italy

Not only. The association of municipalities has also presented an appeal to the Antitrust in which they point out that the tariff for landfilling has gone from 112 euros per ton in 2014 to 380 euros per ton in 2023 and there are those who even speak of 450 euros per ton. According to data from Anci Sicily, in Piedmont the average fee for taking waste to landfill ranges from 90 to 120 euros, in Sardinia it is 97 euros, in Tuscany it is around 150 euros.

The appeal of the Municipalities to the Antitrust

Under accusation (and called into question in the appeal to the Antitrust), in particular, there is Sicula Trasporti, a company from Catania whose plants are used by over 170 municipalities on the island (43% of the 391 Sicilian municipalities), but the The general objective is to verify «whether there is an abuse of a dominant position by the operators. The appeal also serves to understand the reasons for the excessive costs weighing on the waste system in Sicily and how we can intervene effectively to avoid the negative impact on municipal budgets, citizens’ pockets and the island’s economy. ».

Amenta (Anci Sicilia): «The waste plan is still missing»

That of Anci is a way of giving a signal in a situation that is also becoming financially unsustainable: «To date, Sicily lacks a regional plan for waste – says the president of Anci Sicily Paolo Amenta – and at the moment numerous municipalities find themselves having to deal with a real budget hole caused by the cancellation of the regional decree which provided the famous 45 million for the years 2022 and 2023 for extra costs in the waste sector. The Sicilian Region should perhaps be more vigilant about the legitimacy of the costs charged by landfill managers in Sicily, but since there was no adequate control we had to lodge an appeal with the Antitrust Authority which will help us understand whether the price charged is appropriate or not”.

Landfills in the balance and emergency risk

The comparison with the tariffs applied in other Italian regions suggests that the price is not at all reasonable, at least according to the ANCI which also had a “back and forth” on the point with the regional energy councilor Roberto di Mauro. The situation, however, is precarious: a few days ago Trapani Servizi was closed, it suspended the treatment of unsorted waste in landfills and to avoid the emergency the Region diverted the solid waste of 39 municipalities in western Sicily to two landfills on the island who have confirmed their availability to provide. The decree of the Water and Waste Department, signed by the general manager Calogero Burgio, established that approximately 159 tons per day of undifferentiated waste are transferred to the Tmb plant in Catania, managed by Sicula Trasporti, while approximately 66 tons are treated in Bellolampo, the Bellolampo landfill in Palermo managed by Rap. And here too, in Palermo, the situation is somewhat precarious: the seventh tank, incomplete, is almost saturated: if conditions do not change within four months it could reach the limit, sending the collection in the Sicilian capital into a tailspin. The emergency, in practice, would arrive in the middle of summer. «The Region – explained the president of Rap Giuseppe Todaro – has assured us that within this period the remaining part of the seventh disposal tank will be delivered. From what emerges from the meetings, the company that is carrying out the work is in line with the times”.

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