Venture capital, down 39% in 2023. But the South is slowing down less than the North

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Investments in venture capital exceed one billion but are down compared to last year. In its small way, with just 41 million, the South manages to contain the trend and remains in line with Central Italy. In this case, Campania is the master. The data emerge from the results of the Ey Venture capital barometer, the annual study by Ernst & Young which aims to analyze the trend of venture capital investments in Italian startups and scaleups.

«In 2023, Italy witnessed a significant decrease of around 50% in the value of investments, reaching 1,048 million – underlines the report -. According to our observatory, this trend is particularly evident in Northern Italy, while on the contrary the South showed a decrease of 39%, lower than the national results. Despite the general challenge, Southern Italy demonstrates greater resilience than other regions, also highlighted by some significant rounds concluded during the year.”

During 2022, also known as the year of the mega rounds, there was a notable increase in collections, driven above all by the conclusion of some significant investment rounds, among which the notable contribution of 17 million raised by UnoBravo in Campania stands out . «However, in the current year, the lack of large-scale investments has affected the overall results, despite the fact that some successful examples remain such as the exit from UnoBravo itself by Cdp Venture Capital in 2023 – continues the study – Following this dynamic, total investments in the area fell from 67 million to 41″.

In Southern Italy, 41 million were collected, compared to 895 million in the North and 112 million in Central Italy.

«The reduction in the value of investments between 2022 and 2023 in the South of -39% appears in line with the -36% drop recorded in Central Italy – continues the Report -. However, the contraction for the North was more significant, which recorded -51% of investments compared to the previous year”. The data confirms Campania at the top of the study, “maintaining its leadership position”.

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