Veneto, pilot agreement for the integration and employment of migrants

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The key points

  • The numbers
  • The Prefecture
  • The industrialists

A declaration of intent on social integration and job placement by
applicants and holders of international protection and other foreign citizens in vulnerable conditions. They sign it, with an act that provides for a series of commitments on the part of both, Confindustria Veneto and the Prefecture of Venice.

Confindustria Veneto, in particular, will raise awareness among local industrial associations on hospitality issues; will initiate and collect among its associates the good practices implemented – communicating them to the Prefecture of Venice – aimed at promoting the employment and social inclusion of applicants for international protection; will carry out, with methods to be agreed with the Prefecture, promotional activities for the aforementioned applicants for participation in training courses, both for the improvement of linguistic knowledge, a functional tool for true integration into the social fabric of the same, and for training or the updating of skills necessary for inclusion in the workplace.

For its part, the Prefecture will extend to the other Prefectures of Veneto the information received on the subject of “best practices” implemented by companies in the Veneto industrial sector which favor the employment and social inclusion of applicants and holders of international protection, as well as bringing about knowledge of the guests of the Extraordinary Reception Centers and of the SAI Projects, through the Managing Bodies, the training initiatives organized in the area.

Michele Di Bari, Enrico Carraro

The numbers

An innovative agreement in a territory that has long been questioning its own lack of attractiveness, the distancing of young people and the prospects this will have in the economic context: Without transfers from other territories, that is, following the birth and mortality of the population already resident today, the Veneto between now and 2040 it will lose over 372 thousand inhabitants, equal to the cities of Venice, Treviso and Rovigo combined. Data illustrated by Luca Paolazzi, scientific director of Fondazione NordEst. Consequently, the number of people of working age will decrease by 598 thousand units and, all things being equal, the number of people employed will decrease by 443 thousand, or by a fifth. To maintain GDP at current levels (i.e. ZERO growth) over the next 17 years productivity would have to increase by more than 1% per year, while in reality it is decreasing by 0.5% per year.

The Prefecture

Prefect Michele of Bari explains: «Today’s signing of the Declaration of Intent with Confindustria Veneto aims to further raise awareness among the various public and private actors on the topic of social and working integration of applicants and holders of international protection, as well as encouraging the exchange of information between companies in the Veneto industrial sector and the Prefectures on good practices and initiatives launched for these purposes. The “Declaration” is part of the activities promoted since last March by the Prefecture to encourage the socio-work integration of applicants for international protection. In particular, the activation of the territorial table with ANCE and Centro Edili Venezia, with the subsequent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the organization of soon-to-launch training courses relating to professional figures to be included in the construction sector”.

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