Valerio Group, new life for waste with chemical recycling and green hydrogen

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The production of secondary raw materials and green hydrogen through waste recycling. This is the heart of the industrial project, entirely Italian, and among the first in the country, which is at the starting line in Isernia by the Valerio group, through its company, RES, Recupero Etico Sostenibile, around fifty employees, turnover 2022 around 20 million, and since last May listed on Euronext Growth on the Milan Stock Exchange.

«We have obtained all the authorizations – says the shareholder and CEO of Res, Antonio Valerio -. By March 2024 we will start with the new systems for the first two steps of the project, namely the mechanical recycling of plastics and washing. By the second half of 2025 we will also be ready with chemical recycling. Then we have the production of hydrogen from renewable sources for waste transport on track. To support our initiatives we have invested a total of between 25 and 27 million euros. This year we will include around fifty resources, engineers, chemists, plant managers and specialized technicians. When the project is fully operational, we hope to have hired around a hundred talents. Even if we would have to deal with an unfortunately high mismatch, around 50 percent. There are three watchwords: trust, innovation and research. From the Pnrr tenders we received 9.6 million for the recycling of plastics, another 5 million in regional funds were given to us for the green hydrogen project. All the rest, around 10.8 million, came from the stock exchange, with the capital increase.”

The idea, and also the challenge, is to make the waste sector the central link in the circular economy dedicated to sustainability. We start from the chemical recycling of plastics, transformed into pyrolytic oil for new uses, which starts from the collection and management of urban and non-urban waste, up to the creation of a real industrial process of integrated supply chain and subsequently with the recovery, selection and valorization of waste to then arrive at new finished products. «This is an ambitious project – explained Valerio – which allowed RES to participate in the European tender and to be able to access Pnrr funds. Specifically, in the Molise plant, a cutting-edge site on the national territory, even plastics from other regions of Italy will have a second life. Just as we announced in recent months, by 2024 pyrolytic oil will also be able to act as a power supply for means of transport, which will no longer run on petrol, but with a new “fuel” derived from the chemical recycling of plastics”.

This is a revolution of fundamental importance for the next objectives dictated by the European Union, within the “Ready for 55%” package, to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and make the EU climate neutral by 2050. In particular, on cars and vans the “Ready for 55%” package raises the CO2 emission reduction objectives already for 2030 (-15%) and establishes the objective of 100% by 2035, year from which all cars and vans placed on the EU market will be zero-emission. This “revolution” began with the redevelopment of the industrial area of ​​Pettoranello del Molise, formerly Ittierre, the historic textile center of the area which hosts the RES factories, which will be used for the recovery and transformation of plastics from both mechanical and recycling chemical, and aimed at the production of secondary raw materials.

The second step of the investment has the objective of covering the entire waste value chain through the production of hydrogen from renewable sources. The company has obtained regional funds which will be used for the development of a plant that will produce green hydrogen to power the vehicles used by the associated company for waste collection and by other transport companies. At the end of the journey, when everything becomes fully operational, 75 tons of hydrogen will be produced per year from renewable sources installed at the Pettoranello and Carpinone plants.

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