USA and Middle East relaunch extra-EU exports. Active balance with Moscow

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A growth of 9.2%, almost like the good times (last year, actually), when Made in Italy achieved double-digit leaps month after month. The October data for non-EU exports exceeds expectations and rounds off the balance sheet for 2023, which at this point in the first ten months sees a progress of 4.3%.

Almost unanimous growth, the one recorded by Istat, which sees first of all a 10% leap for the United States, our first non-European outlet market. The limited retreat of India and China only partially slows the averages, also pushed upwards by the decisive progress in the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

In sectoral terms, growth is fueled not only by greater energy sales, but also by an increase in capital goods (+21.9%) and non-durable consumer goods (+7.6%).

Results are difficult to predict, in light of the slowdown in global trade and the new uncertainties arriving in the Middle East which will push the collection balance of the first ten months to over 250 billion, ten more than the previous year.

«This reversal of trend – comments the president of Ice Matteo Zoppas – demonstrates once again how, thanks to the teamwork put in place by the entire country system through Ice, Sace, Simest and Cdp, Made in Italy continues to establish itself on international markets, despite the geopolitical complexities generated by the conflict in Ukraine and that in the Middle East. A changing context, which despite these positive signs, requires us to look at the last months of the year with caution, especially due to a confirmed unpredictable volatility. With the hope that even in October the non-EU data will anticipate the trends in total exports”.

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