Urso: «Five multinationals interested in the former Ilva»

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«There are five multinationals interested in Ilva». This is what the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, explained during a meeting with workers and unions inside the former Ilva plant in Genoa Cornigliano.

Urso stated that “whatever investor enters”, the golden power rule will be applied, “the procedure whereby the Government can impose bans, in some cases, or requirements to guarantee the level of production and investments”. The minister also added that the Government is “working on the industrial plan” of Ilva.

«Yesterday in Brussels – he continued – I met» the EU Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, Thierry Breton, «to whom I explained our intentions regarding Ilva» with the aim of «getting the green light for the bridge loan , therefore authorizing the resources directed with the former Ilva decree which will be in Parliament next week”.

Agreement with suppliers and customers

With that decree, he continued, «we guaranteed a significant part of the resources of the heritage intended precisely for the environmental protection of the factories. In a first phase, it will be 150 million euros. We have created the conditions for better cash, through a moral suasionboth with some companies that supply raw materials, who have guaranteed us the supply of material with differentiated payment, and through some customers, who have instead guaranteed the advance payment of invoices due”.

In the coming weeks, Urso clarified, «the extraordinary commissioners of the former Ilva will have to present a convincing industrial plan, which demonstrates how the 320 million euro bridge loan can be repaid within the expected time frame. It is a guarantee for the workers and for the production relaunch of the company.”

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