Unidata, agreement with APS to reduce water waste in the Reatino area

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In Italy, water losses in the distribution network are on average equal to 42.2% of the volume of water injected, i.e. 3.4 billion cubic meters per year (source Eurispes). The phenomenon is even more relevant in some regions including Lazio, where dispersion exceeds 50 percent. With the signing of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract between Acqua Pubblica Sabina (Aps), manager of the integrated water service for the province of Rieti (ATO3 Central Lazio), and Unidata, the foundations are laid to change the situation in the province of Rieti. In fact, APS will be equipped with a cutting-edge monitoring system that will allow virtuous management of the water resource.

In an era in which sustainability is increasingly central and water resources are an asset to be carefully preserved, the investment of over 3.1 million euros made by Unidata becomes an example. The company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange in the Star segment is active in the technological, IT and communications fields and has long invested in IoT and LoRaWAN networks.

The investment will allow APS to automatically collect water consumption measurements faster, more frequently and more precisely with a reduction in reading costs; the timely identification of leaks in order to avoid water waste; immediate detection of any tampering or malfunctions; the monitoring of pressure and flow in the aqueduct in order to optimize values, reduce electricity and water consumption and reduce losses and the provision of data to users for an almost real-time awareness of actual consumption.

The process of awarding the private initiative project financing (art. 183 paragraph 15 of Legislative Decree 50/2016) was completed in less than a year. The intervention will also contribute to a decisive growth in the energy efficiency of APS and will make a network infrastructure available to the local PAs on which to activate further services in a Smart City/Smart Area logic, encouraging the growth of the quality of services and, therefore, of the quality of life in the Rieti area. Not a simple growth of APS’ infrastructural equipment, therefore, but a complex operation of innovation and growth in the performance of the company itself and of the entire territory served.

The operation will last 14 years, one year of implementation and 13 of management, with a concession value of 9.6 million euros. APS is expected to use 1.5 million euros. The assumption of realisation, demand and performance risks will be in the management phase. «For Unidata – declares CEO Renato Brunetti – this PPP represents the first of a series of planned operations, with the support of the advisor Initiative, which aims to enhance our ability to develop innovative proposals for the Public Administration» . The president of APS Maurizio Turina speaks of an «extraordinary opportunity for the correct management of the water resources of our territory. We have introduced an innovative and immediately effective project.” From Initiative, the advisors Ivo Allegro and Marco Messina underline how the PPP represents «a rapidly developing market in Italy precisely because of its ability to allow the “grounding” of complex investments, as also demonstrated by the speed with which the stipulation of the contract between Aps and Unidata”.

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