UniCredit, with the new bonus bankers will be able to work up to 8 days less per year. that’s how

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Workers need flexibility and time for themselves. Survey that is carried out, indication that arrives: always the same, however, at least from the post-pandemic period onwards. And so, in the negotiation of banking a new frontier case emerges, that of the UniCredit group which, after the huge profits of 2023 which confirmed it as the best performing bank at least in our country, has developed with the unions a new bonus based on a formula that takes into account three parameters: the merit, flexibility and worker participation in results. As Ilaria Dalla Riva, head of administrative office of the group, tells us, «the result achieved is consistent with UniCredit’s remuneration policy which wants to redistribute the value created to all workers, believes in their participation in profits and wants to satisfy the need of flexibility”.

The welfare days

Starting precisely from this last point which is where one of the most innovative aspects is found, «the 37 thousand Italian workers of the group will have the possibility of converting the amount into time, the so-called welfare days, up to a maximum of 5 days a day ‘year. This is in line with our approach to work-life balance, where the central theme is not to always work from home, but responsible management of the flexibility that the group offers and which also emerges in the use of the bonus.” Added to this optional possibility are also the provisions of the national collective labor agreement signed in November 2023 which provides, among other things, for an hourly reduction of half an hour per week: this means over 3 days of work less per year, for the same salary. Adding the welfare days, with the hourly reduction, means that at UniCredit you will be able to work over 8 days less per year.

Recognition of results

In the agreement reached with Fabi, First, Fisac, Uilca and Unisin the bank decided «to set a base which will be 1,610 euros which will not change and to add an extra given the extraordinary nature of this year’s results. With the possibility of choosing whether to benefit from welfare goods and services, therefore obtaining the net amount, or whether to receive the gross amount – continues Dalla Riva -. The agreement recognizes people’s value and contribution to the results they have brought and is a sign of the good relations with the unions with which it was possible to structure the new formula”.

The maxi results and the premium increased by 40%

In the fiscal year 2023, the group led by Andrea Orcel achieved extraordinary results, which can be summarized through two numbers in particular, namely the 9.5 billion euros of net accounting profit and the 8.6 billion euros of net profit, on the rise by more than 50% compared to the previous year. Maxi results and bonus increased by 40%, as the Fabi self-employed workers summarize in a note that explains how the VAP (Added value per employee) for 2023 will reach up to 2,200 euros. The factors that are valorised, Fabi explains, are productivity and profitability, on the one hand, and the possibility of choosing between welfare or monetary disbursement, even in a mixed formula.

The two options

Thus, those who opt for the “welfare account” will receive an amount of 1,600 euros with an increase in productivity, to which must be added a special welfare premium of 511.30 euros linked to the profitability of 2023 in the Italian perimeter group and the dental insurance contribution of 88.70 euros, for a total of 2,200 euros net and tax-free. Those who, however, choose the “mixed” destination, will be granted a monetary amount of 1,000 euros, relating to the productivity factor, with preferential taxation of 5%; to this amount will be added a sum on the welfare account of 511.30 euros – again linked to the profitability of the Italy perimeter in 2023 – to which then add the payment of the dental insurance equal to 88.70 euros. The “welfare account” part will arrive in April, while the “cash” payment will arrive in June.

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