Umbria also signs the cohesion agreement: it is worth 240 million for 36 strategic projects

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«We are making almost 240 million euros available to this territory, resources that will be used to finance 36 strategic projects», allowing us to «activate investments of 280 million euros or more» for public works and incentives for local businesses. The prime minister said it Giorgia Meloni speaking at the signing of the agreement for development and cohesion with the Umbria Region. The president of the Region welcomed her in Bastia Umbra Donatella Tesei and the leaders of the Umbrian institutions. Among others, the minister was present Raffaele Fitto and Undersecretary Emanuele Prisco. Meloni arrived by helicopter at Umbria’s international airport and then reached the Bastia Umbra exhibition center. These are two of the structures that will benefit from resources from the development and cohesion fund.

Melons: cohesion funds cannot fail to be spent

The “cohesion and development funds” are «extraordinarily important and we discovered that in the old 2014-2020 programming» of «126 billion, 46 had been spent. A nation like Italy, which has several problems of gaps, The state cannot afford not to have 70 billion reach the ground” said Meloni during the signing of the agreement. Hence the prime minister explained that “some management differences” have been introduced “compared to the past: we finance projects proposed by the Regions and shared by the government. This made someone angry.”

Premier claims economic data

«Of the results we have obtained since we have been in government, those that have given us the most satisfaction are the economic data», with the «record number of employed people», «stable contracts» and «female employment». «Yesterday was March 8th» and it was «one of the brightest» added Meloni at the signing of the agreement with the Umbria Region. The prime minister also spoke about “real family income”, citing OECD data: “In Italy, it grows by 1.4%, seven times more than the average of other countries”. And “in Italy the risk of poverty decreases by two points”, she added, citing data from “two days ago”. In short, “in my opinion, the path is the right one” she commented.

Record tax evasion recovery, the State is not an enemy

Meloni then recalled that last year the revenue agency certified increased revenue of 26 billion euros. And he commented: “When you don’t disturb and, on the contrary, try to lend a hand to those who produce wealth, the State benefits.” «In the same year, 2023, the Revenue Agency also tells us that we had a record for recovering tax evasion. An extraordinary fact.” The Prime Minister spoke of “a different approach”, “collaborative” and “non-vexatious, for which the State risks becoming an enemy”.

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