Turin, off to the train between the airport and the center

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The technical tests will take place in a week, on Monday 8 January. Then from the 20th the railway connection between Caselle Airport and the center of Turin will become operational, after the inaugural journey on the 19th. This is a long-awaited work, which has a long gestation behind it and which will contribute to increasing the infrastructure of the city which has seen a growing appeal on the tourism front in recent years. The airport recorded its best traffic results ever in 2023, with 4.2 million passengers already reached at the beginning of December, exceeding the 2019 data and significantly increasing the share of travelers from abroad. At the same time, the latest survey by Federalberghi Torino confirms average hotel room occupancy rates of 70% for 2023, with peaks of 85% in November.

Distance covered in half an hour

With the new connection, in 31 minutes it will be possible to reach Caselle airport from Turin Porta Susa station and vice versa. The service will be managed by RFI, the Italian Railway Network, which is implementing works for 180 million euros financed mostly by the Piedmont Region, 120.5 of which were implemented by the Pnrr. Added to this amount is another 50 million for interventions on the safety standards of the two railway lines involved, for a total of 230 million. The Region itself has integrated with its own resources – over 33 million euros – the initial allocation which has increased over the years compared to forecasts due to the increases in raw material prices and the updating of safety regulations, which have made further interventions necessary on binaries.

The project in particular was approved in 2012 and the works were contracted out in 2017 by Scr, the regional commissioning company, and carried out by the temporary business association Itinera spa and Consorzio Integra with the involvement of 2700 workers and 90 companies. The works carried out include the new double-track tunnel of over 3 kilometres, which starts from the Rebaudengo Fossata station and joins the historic line. Among other things, the interventions on new stops and the modernization works of the historic tunnel section will make it possible to reach both the Allianz stadium and the Reggia di Venaria by train, directly from the city center.

Preparatory exercise

The railway connection between Turin and the “Sandro Pertini” airport is part of the works to strengthen the connections between the capital and the Lanzo Valleys along the Turin-Ceres and Settimo Rivarolo lines, with adaptation works on the line for the future transit of trains Jazz, Pop, Rock and Taf up to Ciriè. In fact, this first slot of work will be followed by further interventions between now and 2026, with an investment of another 350 million euros to be financed.

On 8 January the Prefecture of Turin, together with the municipalities involved, organized the preparatory exercise for the test trips in view of the start of actual commercial services. In December, the National Agency for Railway Safety issued the necessary authorizations for the commissioning of the line which will be managed by RFI, after the transfer of responsibilities from GTT – the metropolitan company responsible for local public transport services – with the simultaneous transfer of the 110 operators.

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