Trentino aims to attract researchers from abroad

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The Province of Trento aims to attract skills, with a tool that is at the same time an opportunity to facilitate the return, even if for defined periods, of Trentino researchers and professors abroad, creating further added value for the territory that already can count on a complex system aimed at innovation made up of universities and specific bodies.

Applications are open for the “Visiting in Trentino 2024” call, the hospitality program reserved for researchers and professors working abroad for study, scientific investigation and collaboration activities to be carried out at Trentino research organisations, in order to promote the strengthening of the local system through the sharing and circulation of ideas and talents. «Through this initiative – explains Achille Spinelli, provincial councilor for economic development, work, university, research – the provincial research and innovation system is increasingly opening up to internationalisation, valorising excellence and increasing attractiveness towards talents Worldwide. Not only do we project ourselves abroad from Trentino, but with this announcement we give the opportunity to those who work outside to benefit from the advantages that our system offers, creating an important network of knowledge and exchange in the area”.

Notice and deadline

The deadline for applications is Friday, May 3 at 1 pm (ET). The objective of the call is to connect researchers with a high scientific qualification who operate in foreign institutions with the local research community, to share themes and topics, as well as methodologies and tools of strategic interest for the provincial research and innovation system , through the creation of structured and long-lasting relationships and bonds.

With their skills and experience it is also possible to strengthen the contribution of the local research system to the economic and social development of Trentino, as well as the ability to attract European and non-European funding.

The roles

Participants in the “Visiting” program will carry out scientific research, which may also include teaching, in areas of strategic interest for the provincial system. This program will be agreed and implemented by research organizations and other public entities that carry out activities in the provincial territory. Researchers and/or professors with proven experience and qualifications who carry out their activity in the scientific-disciplinary sectors included in at least one of the three panels may apply. defined by the ERC (European Research Council) as Physical and Engineering Sciences, Life Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities.

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