Transport, Brenner alarm: risk of collapse due to work on the Lueg bridge

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To prepare road users (truck drivers, motorists) for the situation on the Brenner motorway, Asfinagthe competent Austrian infrastructure operator, will launch a European-wide communication campaign.

Businesses on alert

The news of the work on the Lueg bridge has alarmed many, especially in Italy. Explains Anita (Confindustria logistics companies): «During the renovation works on the Austrian bridge, traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction and this will inevitably lead to a bottleneck for heavy and light traffic. In the absence of valid alternative solutions, queues of heavy vehicles will increase in both directions with waste of time and incalculable costs, not only for the transporters but for all Italian importing and exporting companies. There is a real risk that the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor will no longer be able to meet the current requirements commercial exchange between Italy, Central Europe and Northern Europe, which is worth 170 billion euros a year.”

He confirms Paolo Uggèpresident of Unatras (the Union of national freight road transport associations): «Combining the traffic stoppage for the renovation works on the Lueg bridge (in Austrian territory, a stone’s throw from the border with Italy) and the prohibitions past, present and additional of Austria to our goods on trucks, we get the storm perfect: it will be the total blockade of Brenner. For goods, of course, but also for tourism. With incalculable damage to the entire Italian economy. A problem that seems to have been so far underrated. To date, the Austrian authorities have not put forward any valid proposal to avoid the total blockade of the crossing, and it is a very serious fact, even if we consider the consequences of the probable traffic jam on an environmental level, which seems to be so important to Austria when it comes to reduce the transit of our trucks”.

Abolish the bans

It is urgent to take action. What can we do to avoid the worst? She says Thomas BaumgartnerAnita’s delegate for the Brenner issue: «If they came for the trucks removed the night traffic bans and those on Saturday mornings and for other Austrian public holidays only, as well as the double night-time motorway toll on the Austrian A13 in Tyrol (Brennero-Innsbruck), heavy traffic would be distributed over the entire 24-hour day and on multiple days a year and we certainly wouldn’t have any problems. Suffice it to say that even on the Italian side of the A22 there are continuous construction sites with narrowings to one lane without major problems. The problem for tourist car traffic, however, is more difficult to resolve, as it is concentrated on a few periods a year and especially on weekends”.

On the same wavelength, the president of Fai Conftrasporto Trentino-Alto Adige Andrea Pellegrini: «The transit bans for heavy vehicles in Austria, already in force, will aggravate the situation caused by the closure of the Lueg bridge. The only solution to mitigate the impact of this closure is obtain a night transit permit for heavy vehicles”. The question is open. Now the ball is in the political court.

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