Trade contract, unions towards new protests

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Negotiations for the renewal of the trade contract are still at a standstill. But the unions, if an unblocking does not arrive soon with a tight agenda of formal meetings to try to make the contract, are willing to new mobilizations. Extending them to tourism. The sum of workers in the two sectors who have had their contracts expired for years brings the total to over 5 million.

The backlog node

After the strike of 22 December which, according to the unions, had very high participation, with peaks of 70% in large companies, it is not easy to return to the 4 trade negotiation tables (Confcommercio, Federdistribuzione, Confesercenti, Coop). Many issues weigh heavily, especially linked to the economic side, such as the calculation of arrears, given that “if we take 2022, with the flare-up of inflation, workers in the sector have lost a month’s salary in terms of purchasing power”, he says the general secretary of Uiltucs, Paolo Andreani.

Milan, anger from trade and tourism workers: “We ask for money to be able to feed our children”

Increases in line with the IPCA

For the general secretary of Fisascat Cisl, Davide Guarini. the time has come for «an effective resumption of negotiations» and for «overcoming the serious crisis in the sectoral trade union relations. The persistent delays encountered in renewing contracts have taken on such a significance as to place the issue of a progressive deterioration of the contractual system as central.” Workers, says Guarini, must be granted “wage increases in line with the IPCA and which are also able to recover the period between the deadline and today”.

Andreani has no doubts about his next moves. «If the trade and tourism counterparts do not change course within the next few weeks, further mobilization will be inevitable. We need to direct our action in the coming weeks. We reiterate to all counterparties that, for us, it is essential to maintain or redefine the contractual alignment of the rules and salary conditions between sector contracts and that it is necessary to re-evaluate the salary based on the Ipca (parameter that defines the cost of living ), paying attention to the starting date and duration of renewals”.

However, for businesses, answers are also needed on flexibility, Sundays, part time.

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