Tourism: Calabria focuses on families and children with 16 million European funds

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Sixteen million euros to make Calabria’s accommodation facilities welcoming and modernised. These are the resources deployed by the Region with the Family hotel program, financed with 16 million euros from the Calabria Fesr ESF+ 2021-2027 regional program. The tender calls for investments «for the modernization, adaptation and refunctionalization of hotel accommodation facilities», to equip them with the «minimum characteristics for the creation of structures for families with children and infants and to offer hospitality tailored to the needs of families travelling”. The objective is to improve the accommodation offer of the region which, as underlined by president Roberto Occhiuto during the presentation of the Family hotel program, «is a tourist destination with extraordinary potential» with particular attention to the family segment.

Playgrounds and elimination of architectural barriers

«The regional council – the president remarked – in recent years has been acting in two directions: on the one hand we are promoting our Region in Italy and around the world by every means, making ourselves known and telling our excellence is the best way to attract visitors and investments; on the other hand we want to strengthen our strengths, such as tourism for families.” The initiative that takes advantage of community resources fits precisely into this segment. «This is an opportunity financed with a 16 million euro tender – he added – which the Region gives to many accommodation facilities that will be able to modernize and adapt to be increasingly welcoming for both adults and children. A great opportunity for many hoteliers and for our area.” Micro, small and medium-sized businesses in the hotel sector (hotels, hotel villages, tourist hotel residences), already active on the date of submission of the application, will be able to participate in the tender, which is scheduled to start on 1 February.

Among the interventions financed are the creation of baby areas, playgrounds, green spaces and, above all, the elimination of architectural barriers and the adaptation of furnishings. Interventions are provided for assistance to children, including those with disabilities, seven days a week.

24 months to complete the investment

As for the resources provided, the contribution «is granted on a capital account for a minimum eligible investment of 400,000 Euros and for a maximum of 1,500,000 Euros and must be made within 24 months of the granting of the benefits». Consultancy expenses are allowed up to a limit of 20% of the eligible investment of the entire project. The evaluation of applications takes place through a one-stop procedure, with requests must be submitted exclusively via the appropriate platform. The opening of the platform is scheduled for February 1, 2024 at 10:00 am and applications will be evaluated in chronological order of presentation.

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