Three tenders for green transport Partnership between businesses and universities

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After Turin it will also be the turn of Rome, Milan and Bergamo. There will be three tenders for the mobility of the future aimed at Lombardy companies and managed by the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Bergamo. The universities are in fact two of the 14 Spokes that make up the Most system, the National Center for Sustainable Mobility, which aims to stimulate the development of new emerging technologies in the Transport sector, at 360 degrees. Milan’s initiative is expected in January, then Bergamo will follow.

«The spoke 4 which specifically deals with railway transport within the MOST National Center will publish the first edition of the cascade calls in the new year. The overall value will be 2.3 million euros and will “bring on board” new skills that will support the specific needs arising during the first months of activity”, explains Marco Bocciolone, director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and contact person for the Polytechnic of Milan . The initiative, adds Bocciolone, is also an opportunity for companies, startups in the area and beyond, «to participate in the partnership and further strengthen one of the objectives of REACT-EU, namely technological transfer, innovation and open innovation. , in short the contamination of knowledge, skills and knowledge between research and industry.” This first open call will be aimed in particular at the context of monitoring both the railway infrastructure and vehicles with specific skills on Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


Among the activities of particular interest for companies are “cascade calls”, i.e. non-repayable contributions aimed at the development of investment projects in digitalisation and innovation. The measure is aimed at companies and start-ups that have industrial research and experimental development projects intended to integrate and encourage collaboration between the world of research and that of industry, within the strategy of the network of 5 national centers for Research, including the Most, born within the Pnrr.

In particular, the measure promotes, modulated in the different specialization sectors, paths to support companies to develop research projects through resources partly non-repayable and partly through subsidized financing thanks to the presence of the partner Intesa Sanpaolo. The companies that will gain access to the tender – the first two tenders concluded at the end of October and carried out by the Polytechnic of Turin were dedicated to electric mobility and avionics – will also in Lombardy have the opportunity to collaborate with the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Bergamo in the development of research projects dedicated to the technological drivers identified.

Companies will also be able to count on the support of Intesa Sanpaolo which provides financing to cover the needs of companies, starting with consultancy services. The objective of the initiative is to encourage the creation of research and innovation chains in the most challenging technological areas.

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