«Those who have worked for themselves know well the meaning of commitment and dedication»

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Federico Boin, owner of Cometec Meccanica – ten employees for the production of precision mechanical components for plants and machinery in Limena, in the Padua area – is one of the entrepreneurs who happened to hire a former colleague as an employee.

«Unfortunately we are talking about a person who is no longer with us, but who taught us a lot. He was already 50 years old, he had started working at 14 as a worker, then he had opened a VAT number. However, his company was on its last legs and the partner had no intention of continuing. This is why he sought work from us, who, relying on his experience, had purchased a new machine, of which we knew he was a great expert.”

Those who have their own job behind them «bring with them, regardless of subsequent choices, a mentality and a hunger for a job well done and for giving heart and soul that can make the difference: it is something you no longer lose, even if Life circumstances and choices put you in a different position, that of the employee. An added value in companies like ours.”

A positive experience, to the point that even now «when we hear of an artisan company that is closing, we look for a contact to understand if anyone is looking for a new position. The owners and partners, but also the other professionals, given the enormous difficulty of finding figures to include.”

The market is complex, and the demands are increasingly higher: «We work for customers who are 99% exporters. We are growing and counting on qualified collaborators is important: to find new talent we are collaborating with technical schools and professional institutes in the area, trying to be increasingly attractive for young people too.” And the results are there: «With two new hires we have brought the average company age under 30. We hired a 19-year-old girl in the office, and we have an 18-year-old who is attending a dual school and work path: another model in which we firmly believe. We are also trying to make the workshop increasingly suitable for female work: the inclusion of a girl who had a completely different course of study, in IT, but who agreed to get involved is giving us great satisfaction” .

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