The start up that brings working mothers together with family friendly companies

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A woman chooses to resign from her job because, after motherhood, she realizes that her profession is no longer in line with her new priorities. What Claudine Rollandin did is neither an isolated nor rare case in Italy. The data from the Labor Inspectorate highlight, in fact, that in 2022, 44,699 working mothers left their jobs, an increase of 18.7% on 2021. If we then extend the observation to a period of ten years , we see that the resignations of working mothers have more than doubled, going from 18,454 in 2012 to 44 thousand. Over six out of ten new mothers highlight, among the reasons, the difficulty of keeping employment and work together (compared to 7.1% of fathers). And Istat confirms: with 42.6% of mothers between 25 and 54 years old not employed, Italy shows that it still has a long way to go before reaching gender equality.

Rollandin understood this first on his own skin and then by reading the statistics. And it is on the basis of the latter that you founded, in September 2023, Promama, a start up which, through a digital platform of its own creation, aims to connect working mothers with family friendly companies.

«After four months from the launch – says Rollandin – we have 3,500 registered parents». She then talks about the steps that transformed her from manager to entrepreneur. «My previous professional experience – she continues – did not go exactly as I expected. I was a digital product manager, with years of experience in the startup world. As a new mother I began to feel the first difficulties at work. I realized that my profession and work activity were no longer in line with my new priorities and values. In March 2023 I resigned and started looking for something else, but I realized how difficult it was at that moment in life. Then I intercepted the statistical data that explained how in Italy, among mothers with young children, only one in two jobs. So, also thanks to my aptitude in the digital field, I thought of creating Promama. The company was established in Lavagna, where, with my husband who is Ligurian, we moved from Milan after I left my job.”

The Promama team (now made up of Rollandin herself and two other girls, who work part time) then developed the family friendly index: «It is – says Rollandin – a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of how attentive a company is to the issue of parenting, examining the levers activated in terms of flexibility, parental leave, corporate culture and support. Through two ad hoc surveys, designed for employees or companies, we calculate an index (from 0 to 100%) which allows us to evaluate the attention that the company gives to its people and to parenting”.

For parents, the startup aims to make the job search in the company easier, identifying professions and tasks that are in line with the objectives, ambitions and needs of new parents, providing a showcase of job offers from family companies friendly, and «providing – says Rollandin – support, courses and paths dedicated to this specific career phase. To companies instead, with a view to talent attraction, Promama grants a dedicated space on the site, promoting initiatives designed for parents. And while entry to Promama is free for these, companies pay a fee fee to access the service”.

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