The SEZ World Summit cancels the Bari event and goes to Dubai

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The World Forum on Special Economic Zones which was scheduled to take place in Bari between 19 and 22 June, on the sidelines of the G7, has been cancelled. The decision of the World Free Zones Organization was communicated yesterday to the Italian and foreign SEZs associated with the internal Newsletter. The tenth edition of Aicei will be held in Dubai in October.

Organization transferred to the single Zes

The award in Bari dates back to 3 May 2023 when the Zes Adriatica responsible for Puglia and Molise participated in an international tender competing with seven international Zes. And the organization of the event had also started quickly. But the transition from the old eight SEZs to the single SEZ desired by the Minister for European Affairs, Cohesion Policy and the Pnrr, Raffaele Fitto, slowed down the second part of the organization in 2024. Repeated requests to the mission structure of the single SEZ apparently did not obtain any response.

In short, a missed opportunity.

A hard blow for the Italian SEZ and more generally for the country which would have had the opportunity to open an international discussion on special economic zones and could have promoted the South as an attractor of foreign investments. In short, an opportunity to give prestige to Italy: the heads of political and institutional authorities, investors, CEOs of multinationals and experts from all over the world would have landed in Bari.

The board: we will try again with Italy

The top of the world organization says it had to change headquarters because times were tight. «We would like to organize the event in Italy in the next few years – they say. But we will ask for different institutional representatives.”

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