The quarterly exemption arrives which saves wine labels from being pulped

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The wineries will have three months more to adapt to the last minute changes imposed by the EU for wine labels. The Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, has in fact signed the decree which provides for a quarterly derogation from EU regulation 1308 of 2013 on new labels for wine. The exemption, scheduled from 8 December to 8 March 2024, allows the labeling and marketing of wine and flavored products with labels bearing the “i” symbol next to the QR Code, from which it is possible to obtain the list of ingredients and nutritional values, to give correct information to citizens.

The EU regulation, which comes into force on 8 December, initially required that a QR code accompanied by the letter “i” be used for the ingredients, but a few weeks after its entry into force the Commission decided to insert the full term “ingredients”, effectively condemning to waste all the labels already printed by the producers who had organized in advance.

Thanks to this last-minute intervention by the ministry, therefore, Italian wine producers will not have to throw away already printed labels and will be able to exhaust their warehouse supplies. The Italian Wine Union is satisfied: «The community regulation 2021/2117 published 2 years ago – said its president, Lamberto Frescobaldi – defined rules which have now been brought back into play by a bureaucracy which, instead of meeting businesses, hinders them. I also welcome the minister’s intention to bring the dossier to the next Agrifish scheduled for 10 and 11 December.”

Coldiretti is also satisfied: «Fifty million labels for Made in Italy wine put at risk by the new EU regulations are safe – we read in a note from the association – the wine sector has already been hit by the soaring cost of hollow glass for bottles, which recorded an increase of 58% over 18 months. It is no coincidence that the Competition and Market Authority has started an investigation into an alleged agreement restricting competition in the sale of glass bottles.”

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