The project to enhance the Gallinara island is underway

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In the second phase, experimental activities identified by the model and a pilot test action will be implemented, aimed at infrastructuring an area around the island with buoys, defined as a natural swimming pool, to be dedicated to sporting activities. In particular underwater archaeology.

«The project for the valorisation of the Gallinara island and the coast of the western Savona area opposite, which is an extraordinary site, both from a cultural and natural point of view and not only in Liguria, has begun – underlined the Ligurian governor, Giovanni Toti. but of the entire Mediterranean basin. Our goal is to develop the potential of this island, sharing with all public and private stakeholders new forms of experiential and sustainable tourism linked to the sea, respecting nature, which constitutes one of the most relevant attractive factors for the whole of Liguria ».

Synergy with other projects

«The Gallinara – add the mayor of Albenga, Riccardo Tomatis, and the councilor delegated for the valorization of the island, Giorgio Cangiano – has been at the center of the attention of our administration since, thanks to the timely intervention of the Municipality and the then minister Franceschini, the right of pre-emption on a part of the island has been exercised.”

«From that moment, they continue, «negotiations began for the acquisition of the entire Gallinara. Not only. In fact, enhancement projects have been undertaken that will allow this asset to be protected and safeguarded and made accessible, naturally in a controlled manner, to the public. We recall, for example, the 3 million euros financed by the Government and managed by the Superintendence for a project that involves the restoration of utilities (electricity and water) on the island, in order to create an underwater archeology museum center that can be visited by citizens and tourists »

Then, Tamatis and Cangiano conclude, «there are two protection projects, worth around 50 thousand euros each, financed with the 2014/2020 Psr funds: the Management plan for the Special Area of ​​Conservation and the Protected Area Plan Isola Gallinara regional nature reserve. These have already been approved and presented to the city. Now there is also the project financed by the EU, through the Tsi Liguria Tourism instrument.”

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