The plan of the Sicilian Magicmotorsport to become the automotive hub of the South

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A few months ago, it opened an office in Miami, Florida and started relationships with Sicilian universities and schools. On the one hand internationalisation, on the other the training of new professionals in the mechatronics sector. This is the strategy of Magicmotorsport, a company which is now based in Partinico in the province of Palermo: it was founded in 1996 in Poland by the brothers Bogdan and Zbigniew Skutkiewicz but in 2002 the company moved to Sicily. The company, specialized in hardware and software solutions for the automotive sector (in particular solutions related to the repair, diagnosis and recalibration of vehicles), employs 120 people and expects to close 2023 with a turnover of 23 million (the detailed picture it will be available in the next few days) thanks to the markets of Italy, Spain, China and the USA. «We offer remote assistance and technical support to more than 50,000 customers around the world and we boast more than 130 distributors in 50 countries» says CEO and founder Bogdan Skutkiewicz.

In 2022 the overall turnover was 22 million thanks to the activities of Magicmotorsport Italy, USA, Spain and China and was up by almost 30% compared to 2021 which closed at around 17 million. Bogdan is a visionary in his own way: he created this company in Sicily in Terrasini, also in the province of Palermo, in a 20 square meter office, and for a long time he pursued the initiative by going against the wind and against clichés and claims the choice made in 2002 to start the company in these parts: today in a three-storey building the company occupies 3,400 square meters. «In Sicily you can do business – he says today – you just need to believe in it. Here there are ideal environmental conditions and it is not at all true that there are only difficulties.” After all, the Magimotorsport plant itself in Partinico is the symbol of what we could call the victory of the optimism of the will over the pessimism of reason. And it is a path that continues. «We are focusing on expanding the range of products and internalizing the production processes aimed at valorising Made in Italy – explains operational director Giuseppe Gaglio -. We have developed significant projects such as the line of Dynomag power test benches which opens the doors to the market of professional measuring instruments and such as MAG-CX3, a numerical control machine dedicated to the development of prototyping and small artisanal production”. After the success in Europe, investments are now underway for the company’s expansion towards new markets, such as America where there is demand for professional services and products for the automotive and motorsport sectors.

Looking at the internal market, the Partinico company aims to establish itself as a reference point for the whole of Southern Italy for the development of electronics and mechanics linked to the automotive sector and to the public of motorsport enthusiasts. On another front, the construction site is underway to increasingly open up the company towards the territory “by also starting collaborations with the school and academic world to share our know-how and acquire new ideas and stimuli that can come from young students and professionals” we read in a company presentation. training courses have been organized for customers for some time now and a new project is ready to start to create an offer of training courses aimed at aspiring mechatronics. «For those who want to return to Sicily, Magicmotorsport is a possibility – says Gaglio again -. But we host kids from all over the world: we have Poles, Spaniards, Americans but also Sicilians who have decided to stay here and innovate together with us.”

Innovation therefore seems to be the key word and not only when it comes to the automotive sector. The company has started a development policy also with new initiatives. This is the case of the startup that is working on the metaverse front. The new product is called Dverso which is, as the company explains, «similar to other popular metaverse platforms such as Decentraland and The Sandbox but has some unique features that distinguish it». Dverso uses a proprietary engine that allows for real-time rendering of 3D assets, which they say makes the platform’s immersive experiences more realistic and immersive.

«The platform could become an important player in the metaverse market – explain the managers of Magicmotorsport –. Dverso also has a strong focus on social connectivity. The platform’s community is energetic and supportive and there are numerous activities that users can participate in together.”

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