The nautical turnover in Genoa is increasing

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The turnover of the large yacht nautical supply chain in Genoa will reach 558 million euros in 2023. At the moment it is an estimate, but based on the final values ​​of 2022, which show how the sector reached 512 million in overall turnover equal to +50% on 2021, when it reached 341 million. The employment impact supported by the sector also increases, reaching 2,450 employees; a contribution to the Ligurian GDP of 181 million euros is estimated.

The data comes from a study by Teha (The European House – Ambrosetti) developed for Genova for yachting, the association that brings together 60 companies belonging to the nautical cluster, which operate in the sectors of services, marinas, shipyards, technologies and professional firms (lawyers and specialized accountants).

Eighteen hundred calls of large yachts

The numbers collected show that in 2022, there were 1,800 calls of large yachts managed by Genoa for yachting companies, for a total of approximately 70 thousand days of stay, up on 2021 by 80% (one thousand calls) and 64% respectively. (42 thousand days); the number of crew members who lived in the city of Genoa reached 12 thousand.

In the surveys for 2023, the traffic data of large yachts in marinas and repair yards achieved in the previous year were exceeded (over 79 thousand days spent) with a consequent potential increase in impact. The analysis highlights, however, how the growth of traffic is concentrated in vessels of shorter length (from 15 to 75 meters in length), and decreases for units over 75 and then 90 metres, i.e. in the market sector which in world is growing more than others.

Operators worried about infrastructure

This data worries operators, and is due, the study highlights, to two main causes: the first, resolved for the moment, is the limitation on the movement of foreign seafarers in Italy, the second, more relevant, is the lack of port infrastructure dedicated: technical moorings, marinas, basins.

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