The municipal pharmacy no longer exists, only one in every three administrations

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Pharmacies increasingly sought after by big capital. A recent analysis of the Lombardy pharmaceutical landscape by Federfarma and Ambrosetti has highlighted a growing trend in the number of pharmacies in Lombardy, which adds to a series of movements by financial and banking groups that are investing hundreds of millions in the development of the sector . According to data provided by the open data portal of the Lombardy Region and by Federfarma Lombardia, the number of private pharmacies in Lombardy has increased, going from 2,706 in 2020 to 2,736 in 2023.

This data becomes even more significant when compared with the number of public municipal pharmacies, which are currently only 480, few if we consider that in Lombardy there are 1,516 municipalities. Therefore an average of less than one public pharmacy for every three municipalities, but it does not appear that there are large investments in this sense by the Lombard administrations.

This disparity is also reflected on the employment front. According to the Lombardy Medical Association, in 2023 private pharmacies had 6,979 employees, while public ones only had 965.

But the real driving force behind the interest in pharmacies in Lombardy is the daily flow of customers. Federfarma Lombardia and The European House-Ambrosetti, in collaboration with Banco Bpm have revealed that every day 800 thousand Lombards enter the pharmacy. A fact that underlines the fundamental importance of the pharmaceutical sector in the region. Yet the mayors of large cities do not seem interested in initiatives on the topic which would also bring qualified job opportunities to the area and a service for citizens, given that regional legislation continues to increase the services accessible in pharmacies.

To give an idea, it is sufficient to look at the numbers: at the end of August 2023, the Lombard “green crosses”, in addition to the traditional activity of dispensing medicines, allowed the booking of 1.5 million specialist visits, carrying out more than 560,000 GP selection and revocation operations and collected more than 1.7 million samples for colorectal screening. As part of the fight against infectious diseases, the 1,010 pharmacies that carry out vaccinations have administered more than 1 million anti-Covid vaccines and almost 200,000 doses of flu vaccine; There are 1,086 pharmaceutical devices that carry out strep tests.

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