The Milan prosecutor’s office does not back down: «Building abuse confirmed in via Crescenzago»

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The Milan prosecutor’s office concludes the investigations into the building abuse in Milan in via Crescenzago, the construction “Park Towers”, and declares herself certain of the accusatory system, without retreating. This fact could also drag with it other “twin” cases, primarily that of Via Stresa.

I am six are the suspectsaccused of building abuse: the legal representative of Bluestone Crescenzago, the designer of the works, the manager of the Sue (one-stop building office) of the Municipality of Milan, the technical instructor of the Sue, the person responsible for the proceedings of the Sue and the representative of the Devero company Construction, to which the works were entrusted.

The closure of the investigation

For them, the notice of closure of the investigation states “multiple violations of the state law on construction and urban planning and of the regional law on territorial governance and of the PGT of the Municipality of Milan”. More precisely «the building intervention proposed by the Bluestone Crescenzago company offered an appearance of legality to the violations committed of the mandatory limits relating to the heights of new buildings, the standards of service areas and the obligation of preliminary detailed urban planning, dictated by the law for buildings of similar dimensions”.

The act recalls the building intervention after the demolition of two old buildings for production and tertiary use, on a plot of 7,650 square metres, near the Lambro Park. In their place, a real estate complex has arisen consisting of two residential towers, one tall 81.70 meters and another 59.22 metersplus a third stable building of another 10 meters of 3 floors, for a total of 113 apartments (building density achieved equal to 3.15 m3/m2, i.e. triple compared to the index of 0.35 envisaged by the Milan PGT).

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