The Licola water park will reopen: investments of 15 million have started

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The Licola water park will reopen its gates: after closure due to bankruptcy and a change of ownership, the project is now ready. The entertainment facility – once the second largest in Italy – renamed “Acqua Flash”, will reopen on May 28th. An investment of 15 million (ongoing) and the creation of 400 jobs is expected. Covering an area of ​​over 50 thousand square metres, it will also be equipped with an arena for events and concerts for ten thousand spectators and a car park of over 40,000 square metres.

Short story

The water park in the Phlegraean area has been very successful since the 80s, immediately after its inauguration. A success that, however, did not last long. Financial difficulties followed and some management incidents which resulted in two bankruptcies. In March 2023, the structure was sold at auction for around three million to Ventuno Srl, by the Bankruptcy Section of the Court of Naples. The new ownership then entrusted management to the V-Park company of Gianluca Vorzillo (president of Tanit and sole shareholder of V-Park), already manager of other theme parks in Naples.

The project

The Flash Water Park will be equipped with large water games, such as the Kamikaze slide, one of the tallest in Europe, and the large wave pool. Also in May, the Arena for events and concerts of approximately 9000 square meters will be completed and will be able to accommodate up to ten thousand spectators. The works of the first two areas of Acqua Flash will cost over three million, while the further works of the park, for around nine million, will be completed by December 2026 and will concern the new settlements such as the eco-park-educational farm with grazing animals and the area welcome with the resort area and with a 60-room hotel.

A network of historic parks

«We have worked in recent months to resolve all the problems that caused the painful closures of previous managements. Acqua Flash wants to become, with important investments, a large eco-sustainable and highly technological water park and I am happy with the 200 jobs that we will be able to create already in the first phase of the project and which will double in the next three years. Already when we opened Edenlandia in 2018 we were thinking about the synergy with the Acqua Flash area, without forgetting the great recovery and conversion work of the former dog track, acquired by Edenlandia and which we plan to open in two years. In short, I would like to become the “restorer” of the historic amusement parks in the metropolitan area of ​​Naples”, said Gianluca Vorzillo.

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