The first Executive for managers grows at the Polytechnic

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For the Polytechnic of Turin, this is a debut in the world of Executive MBAs intended for managers. The initiative, born in collaboration with the Master School and CUOA, Business School of the Triveneto, began as a sort of experiment and has reached its second edition. The course will begin in September while the recruiting phase opened in January. «It is a General Management Master’s course dedicated to those who have at least five years of experience in management roles» explains Paolo Neirotti, director of the Poli Master School. This is a training offer that completes the range of management schools on which the city can count and which joins Scp and the experience of the Saa. «There was a lack of a product suitable for engineers engaged in technical roles and dealing with an increase in management responsibilities and it covers a portion of the market that struggled to find this type of proposal» adds Neirotti. For the scientific director, Emilio Paolucci, the objective «is to provide the tools to acquire a true polytechnic culture, capable of grasping aspects of the business that are only apparently distant, but in reality increasingly interpenetrated with each other and whose knowledge constitutes the foundation of the good manager and the prudent entrepreneur”.

The scientific choice of the Polytechnic of Turin was to focus the course on technological, energy and digital transitions. «Between now and 2050 in any sector, starting with the most technologically mature ones, the issues of artificial intelligence and the reduction of emissions will represent important challenges» explains Neirotti. In the first edition, Poli received around a hundred requests and selected a class of 30 profiles, while in the second edition it will reach 50 people. The 500-hour course offers training and coaching courses, with advisory initiatives and concrete case studies.

In addition to attracting talented managers, the Executive’s objective is to involve technical teachers from the Polytechnic positioned on new technological systems such as green hydrogen, which will require a particular type of supply chain, as well as the electrification of the automotive and machinery sectors for construction. «We will increasingly bring into the classroom those colleagues from technical areas capable of working on the integration of new technologies within processes» adds the director. The experience of the first edition recorded the participation of both managers from large companies such as Iveco, which sent 5, and managers involved, for example, in highly internationalized medium-sized companies such as Eurostampa. However, it is more difficult to attract medium or smaller businesses. «We need to work on the need to invest in the training of managers at all levels to face new industrial challenges» concludes Neirotti, who recalls the 180-hour training program in the field since 2020.

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