The designer bottle that saves resources

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A historic wine company that exports its wines to 140 countries from Valpolicella, the Masi Group looks carefully at technologies for automation, robotics and digitalisation. Temperature control in cellars, for example, is entrusted to intelligent sensors that activate air conditioning only when they detect a change in temperature that could affect the wine, thus streamlining energy consumption. Furthermore, for about twenty years the vineyards have been equipped with devices that allow precise knowledge of the conditions of the soil and plants, from soil humidity to leaf wetness. «And now thanks to artificial intelligence technologies we are able to collect increasingly precise data, which means that we intervene with treatments only if there is a real need» says Raffaele Boscaini, marketing manager of the group. On the other hand, sustainability is also an important word. «Consumers are increasingly sensitive to this, the pandemic has probably played a role in this» says Boscaini. It is no coincidence that it was during the pandemic that we began to imagine Fresco di Masi, obtained from organic grapes vinified solely with the wild yeasts of the grapes themselves. «It is a wine produced without the processes used to make wines tastier, alcoholic or long-lasting. We are in the third year on the market and it seems to be popular” says Boscaini. The Fresco di Masi bottle was also designed from scratch, with the aim of being elegant and robust but at the same time low-cost in terms of raw materials and energy. Conceived thanks to the collaboration of the group with the architect and designer Piero Lissoni and Verallia, a company specialized in the design and supply of glass containers, it weighs 33% less than the average of bottles of wines positioned similarly to Masi’s Fresco, and requires less glass, but also less energy during processing, transportation and handling. Boscaini has little doubt that investing in technology and sustainability is an inevitable path for companies. But always with discernment, he specifies: «We carefully evaluate the technologies we need to equip ourselves with for automation».

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