The concessions for the A5 and A21 in Dogliani, the contract will be signed at the end of the month

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P For the economic balances of the North-West regions, the change of hands of the concessions for the A5 Turin-Quincinetto, the A21 Turin-Piacenza, the Turin ring road and the Santhià motorway link represents a serious variable. So much so that for two years, between appeals and exceptions, the issue remained suspended until the decision of the Council of State, last October, which rejected the appeal of Astm (head of the Gavio Group) on the revocation of the concession for the four infrastructures , putting an end to a story that has been going on for some time. Claudio Dogliani, CEO of Gruppo Finicnc e Inc Spa, which controls the Consorzio Stabile Sis which was awarded the concessions, speaks of a very anomalous situation. «It would seem that in recent months heavy interventions have been carried out on the sections covered by the concession without having, as appears from the statements made to the press by the interested parties, the projects approved by the grantor» highlights Dogliani. The reference in particular is to the seismic adaptation works of the Camolesa viaduct. The difficult change of hands between the two concessionaires contributes to causing major inconveniences along the affected routes. In particular, the blocking of traffic until June 30th – and the concern is that the measure could be extended for a long period – of vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes at the height of the A4/A5 link road of Santhià, is making access to the Aosta Valley difficult, extending travel times and kilometers even for tourist buses, in full ski season. So much so that both Confindustria Valle d’Aosta and the Autonomous Region intervened on the issue to ask for the inconvenience to be limited.

Initially, at the conclusion of the tender, Salt of the Gavio Group was again awarded, with reservation on admission to the tender, the concessions for approximately 350 kilometers of motorways and ring roads, an award which was later revoked due to confirmation by the TAR. of the lack of some requirements for the group headed by the Gavio Group. The matter continues in court and for two years Gavio, through the companies Ativa and Satap, continues to manage the infrastructure and make investments. Until the filing of the ruling by the Council of State on 5 October last, confirming the concessions to the Consorzio Stabile Sis, in fact the second place. The Gavio Group for its part claims to have intervened to secure the infrastructure. Even though the works in question were in fact part of the new concession and this could create other legal problems in the future. For example, the Alessandria company will be able to request compensation from the State for the investments made during the extension of the concession.

«The situation appears anomalous – insists Dogliani – and we do not know the reason why it was possible to work on the safety of a viaduct without having, according to the declarations made, the necessary approvals and with a concession that expired in 2016, although in prorogatio. However, not knowing the real approval situation, I cannot make any judgements.”

On the one hand, therefore, investments made for around 200 million, on the other the long waiting times for the Ministry of Transport for approval, in the middle a motorway concession that must change hands. The issue of the works carried out must be framed within the anomaly of the system due to the excessive period of time between the expiry of the concession and the entry of the new contractor. In the case in question, we are talking about about 7-8 years. «During this period the concessionaire continued to have specific obligations and responsibilities. All the interventions that Satap and Ativa have carried out since the expiry of the concession awaiting the takeover of the new Concessionaire, which has not yet taken place, are linked to maintaining the infrastructure in full efficiency”. Interventions that cannot be postponed and reported to the ministry, concludes the note, «connected to the issue of safety (pursuant to art. 14 of the Highway Code) in compliance with the provisions of the concession contract and the new regulations issued in the meantime by the ministry on the subject management of bridges and viaducts”.

To close the issue from a formal point of view, the reasons for the sentence and the ratification of the contract by the Minister of Transport are missing and, for his part, he makes it known that work is being done to do what is necessary to comply with the handover, in particular All documents have been requested and calculations are being made on the financial accounts opened between the two concessionaires. If there are no new legal variables, the new concessionaire should sign the contract by the end of February, with simultaneous registration at the Court of Auditors and then enter the takeover phase.

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