The Cohesion Agency closes the responsibilities for the South to the Palazzo Chigi Department

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Goodbye to the Agency for Territorial Cohesion. From 1 December, skills, personnel and resources have passed to the Department for Territorial Cohesion of Palazzo Chigi. The operation was outlined by the Minister for EU Affairs, the South, Cohesion and the PNRR Raffaele Fitto with the decree on the Recovery and Resilience Plan last February, and has now been implemented with a Prime Ministerial Decree (Prime Minister’s Decree) .

The name of the Dpcoe changes, “and for the South” is added

The Department (Dpcoe, in the jargon of the experts) also takes on the management of all the financial resources of the development and cohesion policies, including the 268 million of the Support Fund for marginal municipalities (the internal areas) and the 366 thousand euros for expenses 2023 to support the extraordinary commissioners of the Special Economic Zones, destined to be replaced from 1 January 2014 by a mission structure for a single SEZ. Article 10 intervenes on the Department’s scope of action, which has been expanded (an internal organization decree must arrive within a month). First of all the name, which will now be the Department for Cohesion Policies «and for the South».

The structure led by Michele Palma will also manage the integration between cohesion policies and European thematic funds and interventions aimed at the development of Southern Italy and territorial rebalancing. It will be able to assume the direct functions of managing authority of programs covered by EU funds (the Agency was the managing authority of two national programs) or of specific projects and will be able to exercise substitute powers in the use of European funds provided for by law 164 of 2014 in case of delay by the responsible administrations.

All staff transferred

In total, two general directors, 16 managers and 116 non-managerial staff move from the Agency to the Department, therefore in the roles of the Presidency of the Council. The transfer also concerns fixed-term staff who are in service at the Agency on 25 February 2023 (date of entry into force of the Pnrr decree) and the Department takes over ownership of the relationships relating to self-employment contracts and collaboration contracts in progress on the same date, if confirmed by the end of January 2024.

The financial resources transferred, including those necessary to cover the compensation of the members of the Nuvec (Verification and Control Unit), amount to 3.29 million euros for 2023 and 15.6 million per year from 2024. Those for operation, including rents, however, were quantified at 592 thousand euros for 2023 and 7.1 million starting from 2024.

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