The Calore Salerno projects are ready to start

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In the beginning it was the Calore Salernitano mountain community which networked 14 municipalities for a total of just over 30 thousand inhabitants who were part of it with the aim of starting integrated territorial investments. In this case it is an area that extends overall for approximately 60,000 hectares and boasts various geographical characteristics starting from the Capaccio-Paestum plain up to the highest peak in Campania (Monte Cervati).

Then came Chora Velina, a project involving an area of ​​central Cilento. The memorandum of intent was signed by 11 municipalities. And in this case there was, as Cisa reports, «the active participation of the Cilento System Territorial Development Agency, a public company created for the development of the territory and to guarantee services to the bodies that are part of it. To date, there are over 40 municipalities in the Cilento area that join and benefit from the Cilento System. This gives us hope for a fruitful future that could include the networking of a large part of the Cilento territory.”

As regards Calore Salerno, the planning of which began in 2022 has been concluded: at the time, during the Territorial Focus, 104 projects were identified divided into 6 thematic corridors: valorisation of the territory and regeneration; sport and sustainable mobility; religious and cultural tourism; protection of the territory and environmental tourism; digitalisation; energy transition. For a global value of around 110 million: the first interventions will start within the month.

While for Chora Velina whose lead body is Vallo della Lucania all the interventions are in planning: the project embraces six thematic corridors: shared sustainable energy; conservation and enhancement of the historical, archaeological and cultural heritage; repopulation and new economies; mobility and accessibility networks; monitoring and safeguarding; digital transition. The overall value of the interventions is almost 145 million. «The general objective of the project – they explain from Cisa – is well suited to the core values ​​of the European Community: innovation, sustainability and cohesion, all designed to guarantee the achievement of the rights, needs and requirements of the participating Municipalities within the scope of regional, national and European planning”.

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