The blue crab enters the menu of Eataly restaurants

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Blue crab ravioli arrives in Eataly restaurants in Turin, Milan, Rome, Genoa and Trieste. You can taste them at the table, but also take them away in trays to cook them comfortably at home, after a course on how to prepare the crustacean organized by Eataly itself. The group, which announced the news with a post on Facebook, intends to make its contribution to finding a job for the clam killer, who this summer alone has decimated up to 70% of them.

According to a survey by Fedagripesca Confcooperative, eight out of ten Italians are driven to try dishes based on blue crab out of fashion or curiosity. In Italy there is still a lack of gastronomic culture linked to this product, which in the United States is sold for 100 euros per kilo. Yet, despite the potential, fishermen remain critical of initiatives such as those of Eataly: «Unfortunately ravioli will not save our clams from the blue crab – claims Paolo Tiozzo, vice-president of Fedagripesca – initiatives such as these are irrelevant in the battle to eradicate this alien species. To get out of the ford, however, intensive crab fishing is needed with targeted tools and the support of scientific research to create barriers against this invader.”

Fishermen are forced to throw away 90% of the blue crabs they catch, from which they earn a maximum of 1.50 per kilo, because most of the specimens are too small and are not required by the gastronomic market. To keep attention high on what remains a real scourge for mussel and clam farmers, last Christmas the fishermen of Goro, Porto Tolle and Comacchio had blue crab-themed greeting cards made, to be stamped and send to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

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