Taxis, notices only in three out of eight cities. The new licenses not before the summer

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The time horizon, and not even that certain, is next summer. Maybe, if everything goes smoothly, with the heat a Milan the first new white cars could also start circulating. The odyssey of citizens in search of a structurally deficient service is therefore destined to continue for months. If not for years.

Il Sole24Ore has selected eight large cities, those where the greatest number of taxis circulates, and verified how they intend to cope with the increased demand for service that has exploded in recent months. At the moment, out of eight municipalities, only three (Milan, Rome and Bologna) have an increase in licenses planned, and among these only the Milanese capital and the Emilian city will take advantage of the shortened process of the Asset Legislative Decree launched by the government last summer, in full emergency.

The times will therefore not be short. Far from it. They risk extending well beyond the month announced by Minister Urso following the launch of the Asset decree. But let’s see city by city what will happen in the coming months.

First calls for tenders in the summer

Milan (over 4,800 white cars in service) is in a hurry to resolve the taxi emergency, but the first ones new licenses they will be “on the road” only in June 2024. Two old requests for a total of 1,450 new licenses (to be assigned following the long process envisaged by the Bersani decree) made to the Lombardy Region (which is responsible for giving the green light) in 2019 and this year they are still waiting for an answer. So Palazzo Marino took action and, taking advantage of the short process envisaged by the Asset Decree, launched an extraordinary tender for the assignment of 450 new licences. A call for tenders has also been opened to authorize up to 450 second guides, from which it is estimated that around 100 members will join. The council has already approved the guidelines of the tender, currently being drawn up, with incentives for disabled transport and evening and night shifts. The price of the license (not yet authorized by the Revenue) is around 90 thousand euros. Bologna (722 taxis), after a summer of tensions on the critical issues of the service, decided to “freeze” the tender dating back to 2018 to focus on a new tender for 72 licenses (half of those permitted by the Asset Decree) agreed with the category . The methods are still being studied, and it is hoped to use the “fast” process, but the new licenses are unlikely to be operational by spring. In parallel, to overcome resistance, the discussion with taxi drivers also proceeds on three other tables: tariff updating, an innovative app to monitor the number of cars in service in real time, and reorganization of shifts (more cars in the evenings and weekends) .

Taxi, Sala: “In Milan the goal of having 1000 more licenses”

The Capital is aiming for the Jubilee

TO Rome – where 7,700 white cars are currently circulating but the taxi emergency has never ended – the number of new licenses that can be activated with the Asset Decree is 1,540. But the fast process, this is the Capitol’s line, reduces the proceeds (the Municipality would have to give up 20% of the income from the sale of licenses, to be redistributed entirely among local taxi drivers) and cuts the assignment time by only a few weeks. Hence the decision, in October, to launch a tender for 1,000 new permanent licenses with ordinary procedures (Bersani law) and 500 seasonal licenses. Which, considering all the administrative steps (study on the number and value of the new licenses, taxi commission opinion, Council resolutions on the tender and its publication, etc.), will not be concluded before the Jubilee. To improve the service and make the category digest the pill in the field, there are also other measures: from the regulation on non-scheduled public transport to give greater flexibility to shifts (May 2023), to the ordinance on supplementary shifts for second guides (200 double guides expected in 2024) and the start of the process for updating the tariffs (stop until 2012).

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