Swiss boutique Windex takes over Fic heat exchangers

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The private Swiss investment holding company Windex detect Industrial Frigotecnica Chiavenna (Fic) and is preparing to launch a new phase of development for the leading company in the design and production of heat exchange technologies. The operation, finalized in recent days, reflects the investment philosophy of Windex, founded by Rolando Benedick and the current CEO Domenico Sibilio: acquire controlling interests in Excellent Italian SMEs to encourage a further leap in quality, without predefined constraints on exit times from the investment. Financial and operational discipline, supply chain and business development: these are the pillars on which the Swiss fund is focusing, which after having acquired the “tractors” of Messire, has now closed the purchase of Fic and wants to continue the “Italian campaign” with further operations, should the right opportunities arise. Moreover, it should be remembered that Messersì is already achieving excellent results with 2023 closing with a turnover of 47 million and an ebitda of 9 million.

From Valchiavenna to global leadership

Fic is a leader in its sector, that is heat exchangers based on plate technology, used among other things in the chemical, paper converting and waste-to-energy sectors for the recovery of thermal energy. The company, with over 110 employees, is a real institution for Valchiavenna: founded in 1951 and historically controlled by the De Peverelli family, in recent years it has grown thanks to the strong demand for heat exchange batteries, used mainly for energy recovery in the industrial sector, with an annual growth of the segment exceeding 20% ​​between 2019 and 2022, while for 2023 a turnover of around 25 million and an ebitda of 4 million are expected, good liquidity, of which approximately 50% is achieved abroad, with excellent profitability and cash generation. A company «internationally recognized for its technical know-how, cutting-edge production technologies and qualified workforce», summarizes Sibilio, who followed the entire operation firsthand.

A new phase of development

Now, therefore, the entry of Windex, which was assisted by the firm on the dossier Giovannelli & Associates for the legal aspects, it will allow Fic – also dealing with the generational transition – to enter a further phase of development and receive new life. The reorganization, carried out with a vehicle also participated by high-profile Italian and Swiss private investors, is aimed at further supporting the growth path of the Lombardy company through investments aimed at optimizing production processes and supporting development in markets considered strategic such as The Northern Europe and North America.

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