Supermoney, 1.4 million Antitrust fine for unfair commercial practices

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The Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) has imposed a fine of 1.4 million on Supermoney for unfair commercial practices. The Antitrust reported this in a note. The company owns the site of the same name, through which it carries out economic comparison activities of offers relating, among other things, to electricity and gas supply services. The investigative activity allowed the Authority to ascertain that Supermoney spread claims without information on how to obtain the advertised savings and defined a classification of the commercial offers without specifying the criteria used.

Furthermore, the company did not specify that the activity, carried out through the comparator site in favor of its partners to conclude electricity and gas brokerage contracts, was remunerated. Following the Authority’s preliminary investigation, Supermoney put an end to the incorrect conduct by adopting numerous measures to increase information transparency on the offer classification criteria and clarifying that the company carries out commercial intermediation activities in favor of some operators in the sector.

The transparency of the information provided to consumers with reference to electricity and gas offers, also through comparison tools such as Supermoney, takes on significant importance – in this particular phase of transition from the protected market to the free market – to guarantee an informed choice .

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