Stellantis, electric Panda production begins in Serbia. On 6 December “automotive” table with government

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«Stellantis will start with the production of the electric Panda» in Serbia. This was confirmed by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at the end of the institutional meeting with Giorgia Meloni. in Belgrade. Vucic expressed gratitude for Italy’s decision to invest in Serbia also with Simest and Cdp.

How much is trade worth?

«Stellantis-generator – he concluded – in addition to the production of the electric Panda could be the driver of automotive investments». In April 2022, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares met Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade and at that meeting it was announced that Stellantis would produce a new electric car model from 2024 at the Kragujevac plant in Serbia.

Vucic underlined that the commercial exchange between Italy and Serbia is currently 4.6 billion euros and “we hope that in the future we can reach an even higher level” and that Italy will once again become the “first partner” of Serbia on an economic level.

How many cars do we produce in Italy?

Car production in our country fell below 500 thousand units in 2022, more precisely 473,194 according to data from Oica (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers). We are in eighth position in Europe behind Germany (3,480,357), Spain, the Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Romania. Serbia in 2022 produced only 4,358 passenger cars.

The ministry table

Stellantis for months he says he is available to a plan to double production in Italy to 1 million cars if the government puts in place incentives. The value of one million cars produced annually is that achieved in 2022 by Slovakia, in fifth position.

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